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Top Capital is a boutique investment firm focused on strategy, financial services and capital markets. It strives to provide its clients long-term growth and profitability to maximize the business potential and value creation for their companies. The team consists of highly qualified professionals with global and multi-sector experience and broad business vision.
Top Capital has the vision to become the investment bank in Minas Gerais with a global reference for businesses in Brazil.


Private Equity Fund- FIP
Real Estate Fund- FII
Venture Capital


M&A and Fundraising
Joint Ventures and Alliances
Assessments and Financial Structuring


Portfolio Management
Multimarket Fund

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To deliver results through customized products and financial services of high quality and profitability, always contributing to the sustainable development of its customers and society


Top Capital has the vision to become a distinguished investment bank in Brazil with global reach and influence


Results, Ethics, Integrity, Quality, Transparency and Excellence are the main value drivers that guide the decision making process of all of Top Capital's businesses


Top Capital's Corporate Governance policies, a key element of its business strategy, promotes the effective and efficient management of its resources, that generates success and creates value for its clients


Top Capital's Financial Services serve many clients from various sectors and offers intelligent and modern solutions for growth and profitability of their companies.

In Private Equity, Top Capital focuses on investment funds that seek to identify companies with long term growth potential, especially in the Agriculture, Mining, Real Estate (Hotels) and retail areas.

The Venture Capital fund has a focus on technology and innovation in the sectors of tourism, education, retail and healthcare for the implementation of a highly efficient financial management that highlights growth with cost savings and increased productivity.

Top Capital's Asset Management area brings efficienty in portfolio management that enables the maintenance and growth of living standards, as well as the achievement of life objectives in the long run.


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